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50,000 ft : The value of data changes quickly. Last week’s hot topics are stale on Monday, and one cultural event can create unexpected interest that ripples across global IT infrastructure. The rise of big data and analytics applications mean that data is rarely deleted, creating serious storage sprawl. With dynamic data mobility made possible through the DataSphere data virtualization platform, IT can finally achieve the agility to place the right data on the right place at the right time, across different storage resources from server flash to shared SAN and NAS storage to the cloud.

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Automate Management by Policy and Objectives

10,000 ft : It’s finally time to manage data, not storage silos. Set application Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for performance, cost and protection requirements, and DataSphere will ensure that data is automatically placed on the storage that best fits the evolving needs of your business, without any application disruption. There’s no longer a need to overprovision years in advance, as more performance or capacity can be easily added from any vendor to buy your enterprise time to grow into what you really need, when you need it.

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Unite Storage Across
a Global Dataspace

1,000 ft : The storage-agnostic DataSphere platform virtualizes data by separating metadata – data about the data – from the actual data, providing a logical abstraction of physical storage within a single global dataspace. The out-of-band architecture gives organizations global visibility into all storage resources in the datacenter, as well as the ability to non- disruptively and dynamically move files across different storage types.

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