'Tis the Season for Sharing Data

'Tis the Season for Sharing Data

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IT professionals have been preparing for months to handle data surges during the year’s busiest shopping season. During the holidays, IT teams work even harder to ensure peak performance to deliver positive customer experiences, as well as accelerate business through fast and accurate business intelligence. To achieve these goals, IT makes a storage list and checks it twice to ensure datacenters have sufficient performance, capacity and reliability to handle the unexpected. But happy holidays are really about sharing, not just getting the items on a wish list. When data is shared across different resources, even storage can get into the spirit of the season. 

It’s no secret that enterprises have long been in need of a solution that allows us to maximize the efficiency of our existing storage resources and stay ahead of demands. The DataSphere platform is the key to efficiently utilizing new and existing datacenter resources to allow enterprise IT to respond to today’s ever-changing business environment with flexibility and agility. This begins with virtualizing data into a single dataspace across all of the different storage types. Then, DataSphere provides an objective-driven policy engine that automatically and non-disruptively moves data according to data requirements.

The Data Exchange

Today’s infrastructures are made up of multiple storage types, each offering different levels of performance, protection, price, and data services to meet different data requirements. However, each added storage device must be monitored and maintained separately, increasing operating costs and overhead. Businesses have become accustomed to these complexities, finding workarounds to make business run smoothly, but at a cost to budgets and business opportunity.

The data mobility DataSphere provides allows businesses to get more out of their resources, so IT can utilize storage to its fullest potential. Using objective-driven policies with data mobility, DataSphere automatically frees valuable performance capacity by moving cooler data to suitable storage. Similarly, DataSphere can move data that unexpectedly becomes active off of slower storage and onto performance storage. Compliance reporting enables IT to stay well ahead of the game, sending alerts to admins before issues become critical. When more resources are needed to maintain objectives, the storage-agnostic DataSphere platform makes it possible for IT to add performance, capacity, and data services to a global pool. Data is automatically and non-disruptively redistributed across the new resources as policy dictates, without the need to plan and execute a manual migration.

Making Storage Share

By aligning the constantly-changing demands of data with an enterprise’s storage supply using a single, global dataspace, DataSphere delivers a dynamic, efficient and effective solution that fundamentally transforms different storage types into a responsive ecosystem. DataSphere equips IT with the tools they need to stay ahead of storage sprawl while maximizing their existing storage resources. With the ability to share data across different platforms, the right data can finally move to the right place at the right time.

Enabling storage to share means that enterprises will be able to achieve more than ever before, using the resources they already have, all while becoming much more responsive to changing business needs. DataSphere ensures that everyone gets what they want for the holidays: Customers have a seamless experience, the datacenter automatically adapts data placement to changing data needs, and IT has less anxiety, less infrastructure to manage, and a much smaller bill to pay.

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