VVOLs and DataSphere Make a Perfect Match

VVOLs and DataSphere Make a Perfect Match

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We have recently discussed how DataSphere can accelerate VVOL adoption and simplify VVOL (Virtual Volume) environments. However, DataSphere also increases scalability and simplifies management. Let’s examine each of these benefits in more detail.

A Smarter, More Scalable Architecture

Today’s VVOL environments require that each provider registers with vCenter. Over time, the enterprise will be managing many datastores to get the capabilities they need, often from multiple vendors. While initial deployments may be simple, the environment will become harder and harder to scale as arrays and their associated datastores proliferate.

DataSphere presents a single VVOL datastore compromised of multiple storage types, including server flash, SAN and NAS storage and the cloud, and is vendor-agnostic, so enterprises can use the hardware of their choice. Scaling storage becomes a simple exercise of adding a device of a given type to a global pool. DataSphere also provides investment protection by allowing enterprises to use VVOLs on existing hardware, instead of purchasing new VVOL-capable hardware.

Seamless Storage Management

In traditional VVOL environments, enterprises must dedicate capacity on arrays to meet a VM’s peak expected storage requirements. This means that enterprises are always over-purchasing storage. Since this data is rarely moved until VM retirement, these costs aggregate. The management burden is continual, as Virtual Infrastructure Administrators have to think about the best array to provision VMDKs on, and track their location.

DataSphere monitors VMDK activity and transparently moves data to the best storage type based on vSphere Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM), fully automating VMDK management through vCenter. For example, VM Storage Polices can have DataSphere automatically move VMDKs that have not been used in 30 days to colder storage or move a VMDK that suddenly becomes hot to flash.

Supercharge Your VVOL Environment with DataSphere

DataSphere significantly enhance VVOL environments. This gives IT the ability to add multiple vendor arrays of nearly any storage type to a single VVOL datastore that is automatically remediated by VM Storage Policies. Better still, it enables the enterprise to save money and accelerates deployment by using VVOLs with their existing hardware.

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