Architecting Your Roadmap to Software Defined Everything

Architecting Your Roadmap to Software Defined Everything

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Virtualization provides the software-driven capabilities to respond with agility to data growth and rapidly changing business environments, making it a bedrock of modern IT strategies. Yet data virtualization has lagged behind its server and networking cousins, making storage the most costly and complex element of the modern datacenter.

Many enterprises have already achieved 75 percent server virtualization, centralizing and automating management of compute resources. Software-defined networking is expected to see increasing adoption within the next two years in key areas, including application delivery, hybrid networking to support cloud adoption, and rich media on demand. But data has yet to be virtualized to the extent that modern enterprises require, across flash, SAN and NAS systems, object storage and public and private clouds.

Primary Data’s DataSphere finally solves this problem through data virtualization, providing both a path to move to true software-defined storage, as well as the solution that enables your enterprise to automatically align data to different storage resources throughout the data lifecycle. With data virtualization, you can finally link all the storage you already own into a global DataSphere – you don’t have to buy yet another storage platform to leverage the capabilities of intelligent data orchestration across your different systems.

Want to learn more about how you can lead your enterprise in the transition to the software-defined storage efficiency made possible with virtualization? Register for the Primary Data Professional Development webinar, “’Software-Defined Everything’ Includes Storage & Data.”

Gain Expert Insight on Architecting Change

Industry analyst Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, will provide insight into how the principle of Software-Defined Everything supports the business agility needs of today’s enterprises. Jason will also discuss the software-defined approach to championing agility by automatically aligning storage resources to evolving data demands through data virtualization and orchestration, even as business needs change.

Following Jason’s talk, Primary Data Senior Systems Engineer Brett Arnott will provide a practical introduction to how data virtualization enables enterprises to align existing storage resources into a global DataSphere through data migration without disruption or downtime. Brett will review how data virtualization unites different storage systems so that migrations between storage devices, types and vendors can be completed in hours or days rather than in months. The discussion will cover how data orchestration ensures that data is automatically aligned to the right storage resource to deliver breakthrough agility and efficiency. Attendees will learn how data virtualization and orchestration helps enterprises not only develop a roadmap for their transition to software-defined storage and data, but also execute the move to automated, Objective-driven storage efficiency.

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