Automatically Place Data on the Right Storage Tool for Your Job

Automatically Place Data on the Right Storage Tool for Your Job

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Most enterprises today have invested in a wide variety of storage solutions to meet the needs of their business applications. It’s common to find SAN, NAS, flash, cloud and now even hyper-converged storage systems in use at most leading companies. As time passes, this storage diversity gets broader, and soon, most IT teams are managing quite a few different storage silos.

In any system, diversity is a good thing. It helps to ensure health and longevity, but with storage, the challenge has been that data has stayed on the system where it was first stored until it was time to migrate data to a new system or to specialized archival systems. Today’s enterprises have the right strategy to meet the changing needs of data as it heats or cools over time, they just lack a way for data to move automatically to the platform that delivers the right levels of performance, protection and costs over time.

DataSphere enables enterprises to ensure data can move automatically to the right storage type at the right time. It creates a global dataspace through data virtualization, uniting file, block and object storage into a global pool of resources. Admins set Objectives for data, choosing from a variety of pre-built templates, or architecting their own Objectives to fine tune data orchestration for unique needs of applications in their environment. DataSphere  then moves data automatically to the right storage type to meet Application-defined Service Level Objectives.

Not only does this significantly improve utilization of storage assets across the enterprise, but it also introduces a whole new realm of agility options for modern businesses.  Data can migrate automatically as an ordinary business process, rather than as a disruptive, costly event. This creates an environment of continuous improvement. It also becomes much easier to adopt new technologies to serve the business. For example, as companies begin to transition more to cloud solutions for workloads beyond archival, DataSphere makes it easy to integrate on premise storage with cloud resources.

With DataSphere, IT gains valuable visibly and control over which resources are utilized and when to add storage. as scaling out is as simple as two clicks. With the ability to add storage on demand, IT and application owners gain flexibility on the right storage solution for evolving application needs. IT departments no longer have to overspend on overprovisioning storage years in advance, as DataSphere makes it easy to add new resources to the global dataspace, enabling Administrators to focus on managing data rather than storage device management.

If you’d like to investigate how DataSphere can save you time and money, contact to arrange a consultation and free trial. Connect with us today to finally put all of your storage to work serving the right data.

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