DataSphere Extends VMware VSAN Benefits to File-Based Workloads

DataSphere Extends VMware VSAN Benefits to File-Based Workloads

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Looking to simplify storage, save time and budget? You’re not alone. As storage complexity and costs rise along with demand, many enterprises are turning to hyperconverged solutions to streamline storage operations and performance. Primary Data can help enterprises achieve the goal of reducing infrastructure through our software-defined DataSphere platform.

Primary Data recently announced that our DataSphere software platform enables organizations to use VMware VSAN to support file workloads to further reduce capital costs, as customers using VSAN and DataSphere together no longer need to buy a separate NAS solution for file-based workloads. In addition, DataSphere can take full advantage of large scale ESX/VSAN implementations to deliver a differentiated scale-out NAS implementation for large data sets.

With DataSphere and VSAN, enterprises can now simplify storage across even more workloads.

DataSphere Delivers a Scale-Out File Storage Solution for VSAN

The diagram below illustrates how the combined DataSphere and VSAN solution works:

Figure 1. DataSphere enables organizations to use VMware VSAN to support file workloads.

DataSphere provides NFS v3, v4 and SMB 2.1/3 file access to VSAN storage devices. This enables customers to use VSAN capacity to provide file access for applications that don’t speak block, or where the application data is stored in a shared environment. DataSphere can scale to any number of DSX nodes in a VSAN environment, enabling customers to deploy applications with a wide-spectrum of performance needs.

Automated, non-disruptive data orchestration across all storage devices ensures VSAN capacity is used for files that need it. DataSphere can automatically archive cold data to cloud/object storage, such as Amazon S3 or other compatible S3 storage devices.

VMware VSAN and DataSphere are Key Components of the SDDC

DataSphere seamlessly provides scale-out file services with VMware VSAN. The combined solution can help organizations to achieve the cost saving and manageability benefits of the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) for both block- and file-based workloads. We’re proud to help VMware customers get even more value out of their investments in VMware VSAN with DataSphere. If you’d like to learn more about how DataSphere operates, check out our product page for more details on data virtualization and data orchestration, or contact us at

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