DataSphere Reduces Storage Costs, Adapt to Data Growth

DataSphere Reduces Storage Costs, Adapt to Data Growth

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ESG recently conducted a study of 373 IT professionals to determine their biggest storage challenges. The top two challenges cited by storage managers were:

  • hardware costs, and
  • the rapid rate of data growth

More than a quarter of respondents cited each challenge as their primary concern, meaning together, the opposing forces of data growth and hardware costs are at the root of the majority of IT department headaches.

DataSphere is an ideal solution to both of these challenges. Let’s discuss each in more detail.

Cutting Costs of Storage Hardware Nearly in Half

DataSphere automatically and non-disruptively orchestrates data across all storage resources in the datacenter. This means that hot data gets placed on Tier 1 storage, cooler data gets placed on Tier 2 and 3 storage devices, and cold data can be moved to the cloud. Because up to 20% of the data attracts up to 80% of the access, organization can save a lot of money on their costliest Tier 1 storage resources by moving less active data to lower cost storage resources. DataSphere enables this while automatically ensuring data meets its performance and protection requirements. A Primary Data customer in the Travel industry reported that they expect to reclaim nearly half of their storage investment by increasing their existing storage efficiency. The chart in the slide show below illustrates the expected cost savings.

Adapting to Rapid Data Growth by Scaling Across Multiple Storage Tiers

DataSphere discovers the capabilities of all storage in the global dataspace and balances data placement across storage, according to IT-defined objectives. As new resources are added, DataSphere automatically and non-disruptively redistributes data as needed. This gives IT the ability to add more resources of any given type, on demand, to finally deliver the flexibility and agility necessary to adapt to rapid data growth.

For example, with DataSphere, customers have the flexibility of adding storage dynamically and non-disruptively exactly where it is needed. Adding capacity and performance to their all-flash tier for hot data is done without disruption, and with DataSphere, customers are not forced into single-vendor choice but can have an all-flash tier with several different vendors, as generally, a multi-vendor approach will lead to lower storage prices and lower TCO. DataSphere also integrates with object storage, making it easy for enterprises to move cold data to the cloud for archival, freeing up on-premises storage for other needs.

Solving Modern IT Storage Challenges

DataSphere effectively solves the two biggest storage challenges IT professionals face today. It enables companies to reduce hardware costs, while easily adding resources to adapt to rapid data growth rates. With DataSphere, it finally becomes simple to:

·  Save significantly by utilizing existing storage more efficiently

·  Add capacity or performance from any vendor for agility and more savings

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