Gartner Finds It's Time to Simplify Storage Management

Gartner Finds It's Time to Simplify Storage Management

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Gartner’s IT Market Clock for Storage, 2016 report features Primary Data as a sample vendor, under the Management SDS category. Let’s discuss how DataSphere provides the high-end business value Gartner establishes for SDS by uniquely delivering a new paradigm for management through data orchestration.

Defining the problem Management SDS hopes to solve, Gartner explains: “Cost per raw TB of storage is dropping rapidly, archiving and data are moving to the cloud, [and] storage in servers is creating islands of storage.” This is right on point, and it is worth noting that the movement of data outside traditional SAN and NAS systems, and into the cloud or servers, is greatly increasing datacenter complexity and maintenance costs. So, even as capacity costs continue to drop, many enterprises could well be paying more overall, because they are storing vast amounts of data, and are typically overprovisioning capacity across an increasingly broad set of storage types.

The Gartner report places the Management SDS category near “3:00,” which puts Management SDS in the “Advantage” phase of Market Life. This suggests that Gartner feels the technology is nearing readiness for mainstream adoption. This is quite true of DataSphere, which recently achieved General Availability in August 2016. In keeping with companies in the Advantage phase, most Primary Data customers are seeking to implement DataSphere for use cases that can deliver a competitive advantage.

Gartner states that the base business value of Management SDS is, “improved operational efficiency, achieved by unifying storage management practices and providing a common management layer across different storage technologies.” DataSphere clearly belongs to the highest end, “more comprehensive solutions [that] feature robust utilization and management of heterogeneous storage services, allowing mobility between different types of storage platforms on-premises and in the cloud.” DataSphere also delivers subset capabilities of “I/O optimization SDS products[that] can reduce storage response times, improve storage resource utilization and control costs by deferring major infrastructure upgrades.”

The benefits of Management SDS are significant. However, DataSphere is more than just a storage management technology. It is a data orchestration product that enables enterprises to stop managing storage and to start managing data. Whereas a Management SDS product can automate storage provisioning, DataSphere orchestrates data provisioning according to data requirements, continually, and in real time.

Admins assign data Service Level Objectives (SLOs) that define data’s Performance (IOPS, bandwidth, latency), Protection (availability, durability, security) and Cost requirements. Admins then use Smart Objectives to easily assign SLOs to data by pattern matching (for example, according to file types, such as .tmp, .log, .dat, .sql) or by file activity (for example, data accessed in the last hour) or file inactivity (for example, data not accessed in the last 30 days). DataSphere then orchestrates data placement across all available storage resources, according to these objectives, transparently to applications. In addition, DataSphere has telemetry across all storage devices and all clients in the global dataspace. This makes it easy for admins to optimize policies for data needs and even gives DataSphere the ability to orchestrate data predictively. For example, DataSphere can determine that financial data access spikes at the end of quarter and proactively move that data onto flash in an ERP system’s application server the day before.

DataSphere delivers the highest end business impact of Gartner’s Management SDS category, while making it possible to stop managing storage and to start managing data—according to application needs, in real-time, as business needs evolve. If you’d like to learn more about how DataSphere can reduce datacenter costs, while improving business agility, contact to arrange a consultation and free trial.

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