Illuminate Datacenter Visibility with DataSphere

Illuminate Datacenter Visibility with DataSphere

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One of the biggest hurdles to effective data management is that it’s difficult for IT to see whether storage is meeting the needs of data. While it’s easy to diagnose capacity problems, poor visibility into performance makes it more difficult to diagnose performance problems. When applications slow down, IT often struggles to determine which applications are creating hotspots on storage to determine the best way to redistribute workloads.

DataSphere resolves this problem by gathering telemetry on clients. Intuitive dashboards enable IT to see, at a glance, which files are active. Customers can generate reports that show which clients are generating workload and the volumes on which data resides.

DataSphere also charts workloads historically, which allows administrators to determine whether a workload spike is a one-time or recurring event. Importantly, DataSphere makes all this information available from a single UI to finally enable administrators to view data and storage performance across the datacenter. Armed with real information about how storage is meeting the needs of application data, IT can craft and tune polices that automate remediation transparently to applications without the need to plan for migrations and downtime.

DataSphere makes data management easy by delivering comprehensive visibility into application’s data access and storage use, while automating remediation of hot spots non-disruptively. Want to learn more? Contact us at

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