Professional Development Webinar: Software-Defined Everything Includes Storage and Data

Professional Development Webinar: Software-Defined Everything Includes Storage and Data

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If you’ve added flash or cloud storage to your enterprise recently, chances are, you’ve got storage silos. The various capabilities of our storage silos are a valuable business asset, as they provide choice in meeting performance, protection and cost requirements to support the different data needs of applications. However, without the ability to dynamically orchestrate data across storage types throughout the data lifecycle, the versatility of all our different enterprise storage systems ends up limited by the storage solo problem.

Data virtualization finally converges different storage systems into a global pool of resources. By abstracting the control path from the data path, it creates a global data space that finally aligns data across flash, cloud, SAN and NAS storage, regardless of vendor. This software-defined solution helps enterprises easily adopt storage technologies from the cloud to NVMe, while maximizing the utilization of existing storage investments by having the right system serve the right data at the right time.

As software-defined networking and virtualization technologies advance, industry analyst Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, sees that the emerging concept of ‘Software-Defined Everything' is becoming the dominant paradigm for delivering enterprise infrastructure that is both flexible and cost-effective – both on-premise and in the cloud.

In his upcoming Primary Data Professional Development webinar, Jason will provide insight on how the principle of Software-Defined Everything supports the business agility of today’s enterprises. He will also discuss the software-defined approach to converging resources through data virtualization and orchestration to automatically meet data demands, even as business needs change.

Following Jason’s talk, Primary Data Senior Systems Engineer Brett Arnott will provide a practical introduction to how data virtualization enables enterprises to converge existing storage resources into a global DataSphere. Brett's discussion will cover how data orchestration ensures that data is automatically aligned to the right storage resource to deliver breakthrough agility and efficiency. Attendees will learn how data virtualization and orchestration helps enterprises not only develop a roadmap for their transition to software-defined storage and data, but also execute the move to automated, Objective-driven storage efficiency.

Join us on Tuesday, July 26, 10 AM PST / 1 PM EDT

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