Simplify and Empower Your VMware Environments

Simplify and Empower Your VMware Environments

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In addition to accelerating VVOL adoption and simplifying VMDK management, DataSphere offers many capabilities that give virtualization and storage administrators much more power and control over their environment. Let’s review some of these benefits.

Maximize Quality of Service, at the Lowest Cost

DataSphere’s Smart Data Mobility can place Virtual Disks (VMDKs) on the right storage resources to ensure the highest Quality of Service (QoS) at the lowest cost. For example, depending on how VMs are accessing data, DataSphere might place some VMDKs on flash in the VM server, some on an all-flash array, some on NAS, all while dynamically moving infrequently used VMDKs into the cloud.

DataSphere has granular visibility into the I/O activity of each virtual disk, as well as visibility into which storage devices can meet virtual disk performance and protection objectives. This enables DataSphere to make truly intelligent decisions about where to move data to maintain QoS, and eliminates the need for enterprises to over-purchase capacity on every storage device just to maintain VM storage policy compliance.

Single Pane of Glass Storage Management

Many enterprises run thousands (or even tens of thousands) of VMs. Since many storage devices can only support several hundred VMs, IT often has to monitor and maintain many separate storage devices. Enterprises that use VVOLs can be faced with managing one or more VVOL datastores per storage device, which typically means that IT must carefully track which VMs are associated with which datastore.

DataSphere eliminates storage silos, uniting all storage within a single global dataspace that integrates seamlessly with vCenter. It serves as a universal VASA provider for all storage devices, so enterprises using VVOLs have just a single VVOL datastore to manage for all VMs. The system is also designed to scale to the most demanding requirements of enterprise datacenters, delivering support for millions of VMs with automatic objective-based data management from a single pane of glass.

Automated Remediation of Compliance Issues

There are products on the market that comply with vSphere’s universal storage control plane and policy management framework, making easy for IT to see when virtual disks are out of compliance with VM storage policies. However, these products do not automate remediation. As a result, response times are reactive and may not prevent problems from impacting end users. For example, Storage vMotion to compliant storage is non-disruptive but may be too slow, and require manual intervention. DataSphere continually monitors compliance and automatically and non-disruptively moves uncompliant data to the ideal available storage device. It makes remediation proactive, minimizing impact on end users.

DataSphere complements VVOLs by providing a single VVOL datastore with proactive mobility to ensure virtual disks meet their performance, protection and security objectives at the lowest cost. The result is unprecedented simplification, acceleration and control over supplying storage to meet the dynamic needs of your VMs.

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