Survey Says: You’re Not the Only One Managing Lots of Different Storage

Survey Says: You’re Not the Only One Managing Lots of Different Storage

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Primary Data has released the results of a recent Storage Census of IT professionals. Key findings include:

·  51% of those surveyed manage ten or more storage systems, and nearly 1/3 (31%) manage 20 or more.

·  Over 2/3 (62%) of respondents manage hardware from three or more vendors

·  39% of virtualized environments run 100+ physical hosts

These results tell us that most admins would agree that managing data across their different storage solutions is currently a complex challenge. Data is trapped within storage silos, turning any and all data movement into long processes for IT teams. As companies begin to adopt new storage solutions such as flash or cloud storage, each new platform adds even more data silos.

“The results of this survey echo what I’ve been hearing from customers,” our CEO Lance Smith told us when he reviewed the data. “Diverse data needs create an ongoing challenge for enterprises, which need the agility to automatically align storage resources with evolving business demands. Companies have plenty of storage, but they lack the ability to easily and efficiently put those resources to work.”

Although not explored in this survey, we expect that the age of a company also directly correlates with how many storage systems are used. As time passes, more storage is added to meet new business needs, and often the platforms added to the datacenter feature technologies that add new capabilities, as well as more management complexity.

The Primary Data DataSphere platform tackles the problem of maintaining multiple separate storage systems by finally uniting storage silos. DataSphere creates a single, global dataspace that allows data to be placed on the right storage, at the right place, at the right time, according to business objectives. This simplifies data management across all primary or secondary storage systems, from flash to SAN and NAS storage to the cloud, creating pools of resources that are easy to monitor, maintain, and scale.

You can review the data and findings of the Storage Survey on SlideShare or read more about DataSphere on our product page. If you're ready to look at how to unite your storage through data virtualization, connect with us at

View the survey data on SlideShare:

Primary Data Storage Census Survey from Primary Data

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