A Truly Universal VASA Provider

A Truly Universal VASA Provider

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DataSphere offers numerous benefits to virtualized environments, including the ability to maximize QoS at the lowest cost, automated remediation of compliance, and management from a single pane of glass.  As we start to look towards VMworld 2016, let’s review why DataSphere’s ability to serve as a universal VASA provider merits some more discussion.

A universal VASA provider simplifies VMDK management by giving admins a single VVol datastore to manage across their infrastructure. While several products offer this base capability, DataSphere offers customers two more significant benefits.

First, the DataSphere architecture is vendor- and protocol-agnostic to converge data within a global dataspace. This enables customers to make all existing storage VMware-certified for VVols, whether the storage uses file, block, object protocols, to support the placement of data across server flash/HDD, NAS, SAN and cloud storage.

Second, DataSphere automatically orchestrates VMDKs across storage to ensure VM Storage Policies are met, both at the time of initial deployment and later, as business demands change. DataSphere continually monitors policy compliance and automatically and non-disruptively moves uncompliant data to the ideal storage device. This makes remediation proactive and minimizes the impact on end users.

DataSphere complements VVOLs by providing a single VVOL datastore with proactive mobility to ensure virtual disks meet their performance, protection and security objectives at the lowest cost. The result is unprecedented simplification, acceleration and control over storage to meet the dynamic needs of your VMs. If you’ll be heading to VMworld in Las Vegas, come by booth 2123 to pay us a visit, or drop us a line at deepdive@primarydata.com to learn more.

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