AWS re:Invent 2017: Primary Data & HGST Team Up to Automate ActiveScale Archival

AWS re:Invent 2017: Primary Data & HGST Team Up to Automate ActiveScale Archival

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It’s no secret that cloud storage is one of the biggest disruptors in enterprise IT today. The agility and cost-savings potential are making private and public cloud storage a cornerstone of modern architectures. Even so, there are challenges that are slowing adoption. A recent survey on cloud adoption challenges we conducted revealed that 35% of IT pros citing the difficulty of integrating object storage into existing infrastructure as a hindrance. Integration is an issue because each cloud or object store represents a separate storage silo that must be managed separately. 30% of survey respondents said that the need to reconfigure or reformat applications to use object data was also a hindrance.

At AWS re:Invent 2017, we are proud to be teaming up with HGST to showcase how enterprises can harness the power of their data and change the economics of data in hybrid cloud workflows. To learn more, read on, read our joint solution brief, check out our Q&A on the HGST blog, and meet us in HGST booth 127, to see DataSphere in action. Primary Data will be at the HGST booth, Tuesday, November 28, 11AM-1PM, Wednesday, November 29, from 3PM-6PM, and Thursday, November 30th, from 12:30PM-3:00PM.

Help Your Files Speak S3

DataSphere solves these common cloud adoption hurdles, first of all, by creating a global namespace that makes different storage resources simultaneously available to applications. With a global namespace, the cloud becomes easy to integrate and leverage. Metadata management intelligence gives IT insight into which data can be moved to the cloud. DataSphere software then automates the movement of data between primary, on-premises object, and public cloud storage, according to IT-defined polices, without impacting applications. DataSphere helps your files speak S3, transforming all object storage into an active archive in which files can be moved between primary, object, and cloud storage, without requiring applications to be reconfigured or reformatted to use object storage.

DataSphere software then automatically load-balances data across different storage resources to meet SLA requirements, helping IT teams easily get the right data to the right storage platform within their entire HGST storage ecosystem and into the cloud. The benefits of this intelligent data management include increased storage performance and utilization, automated data management, and lower TCO of storage infrastructure.

The HGST ActiveScale system is an innovative object storage solution offering superior scalability, durability and efficiency. As a turnkey system, the challenges of architecting and integration are removed. It is up and running quickly – put it in place, connect the power, configure the network and it’s online, presenting an Amazon S3- compliant object interface to DataSphere.

By adding Primary Data’s DataSphere to your HGST environment to intelligently manage your data and HGST ActiveScale object storage to store and protect petabytes of data with extreme data durability and integrity, customers can efficiently store archive cold data while improving the performance and utilization of existing storage investments. This solution will prepare a digitally transformed enterprise for accelerated growth of data, and improved storage economics across the hybrid-cloud datacenter.

Want to learn how DataSphere can help you integrate seamlessly with on-premises object and Amazon S3 cloud storage? Connect with us at to schedule a meeting or demo.

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