Control the Data Fabric of Space and Time: Join Us at NetApp Insight

Control the Data Fabric of Space and Time: Join Us at NetApp Insight

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Primary Data is excited to be attending NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas from October 2-5. We’d love to meet up with you in booth 102 to discuss your data management strategies and how you can simplify the challenges of meeting SLAs while keeping budgets in check. From our booth, to our technical sessions, to a pool party with none other than Back to the Future’s Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and his DeLorean, we’re heading to Vegas to help you add intelligence and agility to your data fabric. Read on for all the highlights you won’t want to miss.

Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

You’ve made great investments in NetApp solutions to take care of the data that keeps your applications and your business running at peak levels. With DataSphere, you can enable live data mobility to ensure the right data is at the right place, at the right time, across your NetApp product portfolio. DataSphere software intelligently distributes data across All Flash FAS (AFF), 7-Mode, Clustered Data ONTAP, and StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS), according to data objectives to maximize the performance and efficiency of your NetApp ecosystem. DataSphere also enables you to easily adopt object storage (such as StorageGRID) to reduce costs without disrupting or modifying applications.

Scale Out Performance with Data Virtualization

Want to improve performance and scalability? DataSphere increases both by distributing I/O across multiple volumes/nodes and offloading metadata operations to DataSphere. We’ll be showcasing these capabilities in our booth, and would love to show you how you can set objectives to meet performance requirements in just a few clicks.

Streamline NetApp Upgrades and Do More with Your Existing Systems

If you’re like us, you get excited about new gear, but not so much the process of integrating it into your infrastructure. Managing data with DataSphere accelerates upgrades, seamlessly migrating data from any NAS to NetApp Cluster Mode systems without disrupting applications. It can also extend the capabilities of your existing systems, enabling clustering on 7-Mode systems and making them VMware VVOL capable.

See DataSphere In Action

Stop by booth 102 to have our team show you some of the ways DataSphere can enhance NetApp ecosystems. We’ll be demonstrating the following:

  • Live Data Mobility - DataSphere non-disruptively tiers data to meet performance, protection, and price objectives.
  • Data Migration - DataSphere enables you to non-disruptively migrate your existing data across volumes.
  • NFS Scale-out - DataSphere enables you to create a large scale-out namespace.
  • VVol Support - DataSphere can make existing storage VVols capable.
  • Storage Decommissioning - DataSphere can non-disruptively decommission and remove a volume from a namespace.
  • Cloning - DataSphere enables clients to quickly and efficiently clone files over NFS v4.2.
  • SnapShot Support - DataSphere can take and restore NetApp snapshots of shares and files.
  • Disaster Recovery with NetApp - DataSphere enables DR for scale-out namespaces leveraging NetApp SnapMirror.
  • Data Profiler - DataSphere can profile the cost of data across different tiers of storage.
  • Cloud Mover with StorageGRID Webscale - DataSphere can non-disruptively move live data to StorageGRID Webscale as an S3 target.

Opinions may vary, but one of our most exciting demos is our joint NetApp and Primary Data solution for StorageGRID Webscale. Stop by to see how this solution can help you:

  • Seamlessly and automatically tier data between primary storage and StorageGRID without disrupting applications.
  • Archive cold data to StorageGRID but still view it in the existing namespace so it can be transparently brought back to primary storage if it becomes active again.
  • Manage data and reduce storage infrastructure costs through user-defined objectives to meet SLAs while reducing the need to overprovision, making sure the right data, is in the right place, at the right time.

Primary Data Presentations at NetApp Insight

In addition to the demos in our booth, our team will be sharing how DataSphere complements NetApp solutions in two speaking sessions at NetApp Insight. Put these sessions on your calendar to be sure to join us:

  • Deploy Machine Learning to Continuously Optimize your Data Fabric. Learn how petabyte-scale enterprises can use intelligent data management to manage the explosive growth of data, by deploying a machine learning metadata engine across the Data Fabric. VP Product, Douglas Fallstrom, presents session 33032 on Tuesday, October 3rd, from 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM.
  • Easily Adopt a StorageGRID Object Tier with Live Data Mobility and No Application Disruption. There are many options on the market today to build solutions for native NAS access to object storage, but most are limited to the speed of the object store itself. With DataSphere, you can build endless tiers of storage with FAS HDD, FAS SSD, onsite SGWS, Public SGWS, and other public cloud offerings. Principle Solution Specialist, Ed Balduf, presents session 39832-1 on Tuesday, October 3rd, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Party with Back to the Future’s “Doc Brown,” Christopher Lloyd

On the night of October 3, we’ll be celebrating the innovative spirit of the NetApp community with an epic Primary Data party at Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Bay Pool. Wind down at the end of the day and wind up on a night to remember with photo ops with Christopher Lloyd and the DeLoreantime machine, RC boat racing (special prizes for those who hit 88 MPH), games, and an open barwith passed hors d’oeuvres from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

Register now, as space is limited to the first 400 NetAppInsight attendees:

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