Cure Your Storage Migration Pain with DataSphere

Cure Your Storage Migration Pain with DataSphere

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Storage migrations are a necessary fact of life for an IT department when they need higher performance, more capacity, lower costs or to meet compliance, but traditional storage migrations are painful, complex and time-consuming events that require extensive planning to minimize downtime.

Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Primary Data, VP Products, Douglas Fallström, recently hosted a Bright Talk seminar that discussed how enterprises can replace traditional, infrequent storage migrations with automated data management solutions that enable data to flow across flash, shared and object/cloud storage.

“Moving data without impacting applications is a problem that is really hard to solve,” says Fallstrom. “By centralizing metadata management, Primary Data’s DataSphere solves the inefficiency of traditional storage and compute architectures, enabling data to move to meet evolving business needs, on demand, according to IT-defined policy.”

Listen to what else they discussed during the webinar or contact us at to schedule a demo or a meeting.

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