Fix Your NAS with Software

Fix Your NAS with Software

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In this blog series, we examine how DataSphere helps IT solve the inefficiencies of traditional NAS systems. This post discusses how DataSphere’s agnostic architecture enables enterprises to overcome all of the previously mentioned performance, capacity, and tiering limitations using their existing NAS hardware.

The Upgrade Conundrum

Many solutions can solve specific challenges enterprises face: delivering high performance, scaling capacity in perpetuity, or providing differentiating data services. The problem is that most systems can’t do all three well, and they require enterprises to rip and replace their existing systems. This means that companies often must wait until their payback period is up before investing in new hardware—and accept that their shiniest new system will be outdated in one to two years. IT also gets the painful, though expected, headache of a migration to the new system.

Fix Your NAS with Software

The DataSphere software platform creates a global namespace that makes heterogeneous storage systems simultaneously available to applications. This agnostic approach enables enterprises to deploy NAS clusters with exactly the capabilities each application needs, including the systems companies already own, as well as the latest innovations—without the need for a forklift upgrade.

Once NAS resources are integrated into the global namespace, DataSphere optimizes the placement of data across all of the various systems, automatically matching the capabilities each system provides with the objectives IT has defined for each dataset. Enterprises can even easily expand performance by adding flash to the high-performance tier or implement elastic capacity through seamless integration with on-premises object or public cloud storage.

In addition, DataSphere can be deployed on bare metal or as a virtual machine, making it easy for enterprises to get up and running fast. With DataSphere, enterprises can create a dynamic NAS ecosystem that gives data exactly the capabilities it needs, when those capabilities are needed. Interested in learning more? Connect with us at

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