Gain Insight: Profile the Impact of Your Data Management Strategies

Gain Insight: Profile the Impact of Your Data Management Strategies

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DataSphere can deliver immense cost savings to enterprises by making more efficient use of enterprise’s on-prem storage resources and the cloud. DataSphere helps enterprises simplify a number of common IT challenges, include automated transparent migration and tiering, efficient and high-performance scale-out NAS, seamless cloud integration, and automated storage policy management for virtualized environments.

Figure 1 - Evaluate data management policies and see the impact on performance and price with the Data Profiler.

The new DataSphere Data Profiler enables IT to generate an ROI statement to view projected cost savings based on their actual data use and actual storage costs. It also enables customers to visualize estimated capacity usage for tiers added to DataSphere. Best of all, it is non-disruptive to the customer environment and data, and does not require DataSphere to access clients or application servers. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Simple, Non-Intrusive, Real-Time Results

The Data Profiler can collect statistics directly from a store independently, or storage not directly managed by DataSphere, as well as stores under DataSphere’s control. The Data Profiler has no impact on the data being analyzed. Data Profiler analysis results give enterprises instant visibility into:

  • Total cost of data ownership within the target storage environment

  • Cost Savings vs. previous or reference configuration

  • Benefits of a tiered storage configuration

  • Cost, amount and the number of files per storage tier

  • The advantage of low cost object storage for cold less used data

View the demo below to see the Data Profiler in action:

Many vendors talk about the cost savings they can provide customers. The Data Profiler gives customers an easy way to see how DataSphere’s live data mobility in a tiered environment can reduce costs in their own unique enterprise ecosystem by putting the storage you’ve invested in to work serving the right data.

Want to learn how managing data with DataSphere can help you meet performance objectives, while cutting costs? Connect with us a to schedule a meeting and profile your environment today.

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