Get Your Metadata Engine Motor Up and Running Fast: Installing DataSphere

Get Your Metadata Engine Motor Up and Running Fast: Installing DataSphere

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Given how compelling DataSphere’s cost saving and performance benefits are, installing DataSphere is surprisingly easy. In fact, customers can install DataSphere and be up and running within minutes. This makes it easy for enterprises to deploy DataSphere in any environment from proof-of-concept to dev/test to production. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Simple Software Installation

The DataSphere NFS server software can be installed on a physical server or VM, through an Open Virtualization Application (OVA) file. An intuitive Textual User Interface (TUI) walks users through the installation and configuration process, step-by-step. DataSphere Extended Services (DSX) also include a step-by-step TUI. Each software installation task takes minutes to complete.

Rapid Data Assimilation

Data Assimilation is a new feature announced in the 2.0 release. This feature enables DataSphere to “import” existing NAS storage into the DataSphere global namespace without requiring data to be copied. With Data Assimilation, DataSphere only needs to assimilate metadata, which includes information about the location of data on storage—and even the metadata copy runs as a background process. This means customers can deploy DataSphere without interrupting application’s access to data, eliminate downtime common to migrations, and reduce “import” times to just minutes.

No Software Required on Clients and Storage

DataSphere requires no changes on the client, or configuration changes on the storage. The only client configuration required is the NFS server IP. Shares on storage are then mounted from DataSphere (or DSX, depending on the protocol) instead of the NAS storage. Data access continues to be direct to the storage for modern Linux clients.

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