Giving Customers What They Want from Management SDS

Giving Customers What They Want from Management SDS

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Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies 2017 report issued this week includes Primary Data as a vendor in the Management Software Defined Storage category. In the report, Gartner describes the capabilities of Management SDS that their clients find most interesting. Let’s take a look at how DataSphere delivers value for each capability Gartner advises that IT leaders look for in a Management SDS solution:

Improving the management and agility of the overall storage infrastructure through better programmability, interoperability, automation and orchestration.

DataSphere automates data management of billions of files, according to IT-defined policies. With DataSphere, admins can “set and forget” the performance and protection that applications need using predefined objectives or easy to use yet powerful objective expressions that deliver deep control. DataSphere will transparently place and move data to remediate hot spots and ensure applications get the performance and protection levels they require from storage. With DataSphere, enterprises can increase application service levels, dramatically reduce complexity, and increase storage utilization to reduce costs.

Storage (data) virtualization and abstraction.

As a metadata engine that leverages data virtualization, DataSphere decouples data from underlying storage hardware, pooling resources within a single global namespace. It then enables software to move data across heterogeneous storage, as needed, transparently to applications. As data grows, admins can add new resources of any type, including flash, shared, and cloud/object storage, within minutes

Performance improvement by optimizing and aggregating storage I/O.

DataSphere gives applications intelligent storage awareness and can redistribute workloads transparently to application to optimize application performance service levels. In addition, its high-performance architecture accelerates the performance of individual storage devices, as well as aggregate storage I/O. In the event that application performance begins to suffer, DataSphere will redistribute workloads dynamically, transparently to applications, to maintain requires service levels.

Better linkage of storage to the rest of IT and the software-defined data center.

DataSphere gives IT comprehensive visibility into hot spots, data location, and available storage resources. This makes it easy to quickly rule out storage and often clients, when problems occur. DataSphere also closes the gap between application and business owners and storage admins with a policy engine that automates data management according to business objectives for performance (for example, IOPS, bandwidth, latency) and protection (like “9’s” of availability, durability, and security). DataSphere admins can even create tiered service catalogs associated with predefined chargeback or showback levels to streamline budgeting. DataSphere also gives applications intelligent storage awareness, gathering metadata intelligence in real-time to understand how applications experience storage and collects telemetry on the data that applications access, such as which files are open, closed, with modified dates and times, as well as any other metadata.

Operating expenditure (opex) reductions by reducing the demands of administrators.

DataSphere automates the provisioning, migration, and tiering of data according to policies, and it does so transparently to applications. This means admins no longer have to spend time planning and performing deployments and upgrades, or responding to fire drills. In addition, admins can add new storage resources of any type within minutes. For some examples, see the recent blog post, How Automation Improves Storage Admin Jobs.

Capital expenditure (capex) reductions from more efficient utilization of existing storage systems.

DataSphere dramatically improves the utilization of existing storage resources in ways that can save enterprises millions of dollars. In fact, DataSphere can increase the usable capacity of the most expensive storage resources by up to 4X. For some examples of how, see the recent blog post, Fix NAS Waste to Save Storage Budget.

DataSphere has been built in lock-step with what today’s IT innovators need to truly simplify and automate their business to give customers what they want in a Management SDS solution. Want to learn more? Contact to schedule a meeting or demo.

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