Got Storage? Put All Your Assets to Work with DataSphere

Got Storage? Put All Your Assets to Work with DataSphere

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At NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas, we conducted a survey of nearly 375 IT professionals and wanted to share the results as we look forward to NetApp Insight in Berlin. In the survey, attendees were anonymously asked about how many storage systems they managed. Over 45% said they are managing 20 or more storage systems. Interestingly, the NetApp Insight community reported managing more systems compared to our survey conducted at VMworld 2017, where 27% of respondents reported managing more than 20 storage systems. The survey results are depicted below.

Figure 1 - Over 45% of respondents manage 20 or more storage systems

These results highlight the complexity that customers tell us are continually a struggle to manage. Let’s take a closer look at how DataSphere solves the problem.

The Storage Silo Conundrum

Enterprises end up managing many storage systems for three key reasons:

  1. Storage is often expensive. While raw storage capacity is cheap, performance and services are not. Storage purchased for mission- and business-critical apps typically carry a premium, even though they quickly become obsolete. As a result, IT typically tries to make storage last as long they can to maximize their company’s investment.
  2. Moving data is difficult. Data typically gets moved off storage systems only when the storage cannot support application workloads anymore, which forces an upgrade, or when applications are retired. Upgrades often require extensive planning to minimize downtime. Typically, retirements happen as time and resources allow.
  3. Application demands are increasing as enterprise data production and consumption are growing exponentially. In fact, IDC predicts the size of the global datasphere will reach 163 zettabytes (1,000,000 petabytes) by 2025. This data is coming from new sources, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Big Data apps that deliver new insight by analyzing real-time activity such as users’ browsing activity, as well as mining old data. To support these needs, enterprises are investing in new storage types like for performance and Big Data platforms for business intelligence, while looking to the cloud to contain the cost to store this continually growing data footprint. All these new storage types are in addition to the traditional shared storage systems that IT has already been managing.

DataSphere Puts Your Storage to Work

Given how much enterprises have invested in their storage assets, it makes sense to leverage them for as long as possible. Luckily, managing data across all of this hardware doesn’t have to be complex anymore.

DataSphere is an intelligent, automated data management platform that overcomes the complexity caused by decades of storage evolution. With its open architecture, DataSphere puts enterprises’ existing storage to work, and makes it easy to adopt the cloud. IT gains unprecedented insights into data activity, and the power to make strategic management decisions based on that information. The DataSphere global namespace makes different storage simultaneously available to applications, and importantly, it doesn’t get in the way of data access.

DataSphere enables live data mobility to ensure the right data is at the right place, at the right time, across your NetApp product portfolio. DataSphere software intelligently distributes data across All Flash FAS (AFF), 7-Mode, Clustered Data ONTAP, and StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS), according to data objectives to maximize the performance and efficiency of your NetApp ecosystem. DataSphere also enables you to easily adopt object storage (such as StorageGRID) to reduce costs without disrupting or modifying applications. With DataSphere, you can have confidence SLAs are being met, while also ensuring your diverse storage ecosystem is being used as efficiently as possible.

Want to learn more about how DataSphere can automate intelligent data management across your diverse storage investments? If you are attending NetApp Insight in Berlin, stop by stand B4 or connect with us at to schedule a meeting or demo.

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