How NFS v4.2 Helps Developers – Learn More at NetApp Insight

How NFS v4.2 Helps Developers – Learn More at NetApp Insight

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Speed and simplicity are music to every developer’s ears. If you are a developer attending NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas, stop by the Code-On space at 1:40pm PT today (Thursday, October 5th) to learn how NFS v4.2 can help you stay focused on crafting clean, crisp code.

NFS v4.2 helps developers by providinga single, expandable, scale-out namespace that improves application performance via parallel data access, metadata offload and non-disruptive data mobility. This enables devs to stay focused on developing code, free from run time slowdowns or delays caused by storage upgrades

NFS v4.2 also enables devsto rapidly clone files and directories directly from clients using standard Linux copy commands. This helps developers quickly set up test environments or backup projects without the complexity of directly calling storage APIs.

NFS v4.2 is chock full of exciting enhancements, such as dramatically improved performance, agent-free aggregation of performance telemetry, and wide support from enterprise Linux distributions.

Primary Data is a big believer in open source. Not only are we the leading contributor to NFS since 2013, we are also proud to have Linux NFS client maintainer Trond Mykkelbust as one of our chief architects. If you’d like to learn more about how NFS v4.2 helps developers as well as storage admins, connect with us at to schedule a meeting or demo.

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