IT’s Dark and Dirty Secret

IT’s Dark and Dirty Secret

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It is whispered about at tech conferences. Admins know it’s an issue. No one likes to admit it, but everyone has this problem – dark data. It’s data that you don’t know a thing about, and if you don't think you have any, you’re likely in denial.

But it’s not your fault – storage just wasn’t designed to give you much insight about the information it’s hosting. Storage systems give plenty of metrics on speeds and feeds, such as IOPS and latency, as well as capacity consumption. However, they can’t analyze metadata to tell you when your data was last opened, modified, and so on. You might have data that has never been used since it was created, data that could use a performance boost, or data that really ought to be more secure.

Storage may be blind to data’s needs, but admins don’t have to be anymore. Intelligence is critical to effectively managing data today, and enterprises who want to remain competitive are rapidly adopting data management tools that help them see what they’ve been missing. As enterprises look to the cloud, IT needs to know what data is a candidate to move offline, and without metadata insight on data activity, you might end up moving data that needs to be kept on-premises. This is where intelligent data management delivers. It also greatly reduces the risk of moving the wrong data, while controlling costs by enabling you the ability to seamlessly move data between primary and cloud storage, at file granularity, without needing to rehydrate an entire LUN when data must be moved from the cloud back to on-premises storage.

No one likes to admit they don’t know critical information about their business. We don't either, and that’s why we built DataSphere to fix this problem. DataSphere is a metadata engine that analyzes data activity so that you can know what is hot, and what isn’t. But knowing is only half the battle. In fact, if you’d like to see what you’ve been missing, our Data Profiler tool can give you insights – at no charge - without having to install DataSphere

With intelligence on your actual enterprise data activity, DataSphere can help you automate the management of your diverse storage resources to meet business objectives. It moves data across different storage systems without application interruption to ensure that your flash systems serve your active datasets, while colder data moves to archival tiers, for example. All data movement is managed by policy, so that you have complete control over the orchestration of your data.

If you’re ready to leave your dark data secrets behind, drop us a line at Our experts are ready to help you uncover the intelligence hidden in your dark data.

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