Migrations Are Dead, Long Live Migrations

Migrations Are Dead, Long Live Migrations

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In a recent Forbes article titled, Migrations Are Dead, Long Live Migrations, Primary Data CEO Lance Smith discussed the challenges storage migrations present enterprises, especially those with applications that must be available around the clock. Lance explains: “This [challenge] means extensive planning in advance to find a window of time when IT can halt applications, manually copy data to the new storage, then reconfigure and restart the applications.”

The article describes a metadata engine, such as DataSphere, solves this problem in two ways: first, it decouples an application’s view of data from the underlying storage hardware eliminating the storage silos that require data to be manually copied; second, software can be used to automate data mobility intelligently to the ideal storage resource for the way data is being used, transparently to applications.

Interested in how DataSphere can streamline migrations? Read the Forbes article for more details or connect with us at deepdive@primarydata.com to schedule a meeting or a demo.

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