Primary Data and NetApp Team Up to Deliver Intelligent Data Management to StorageGRID Webscale

Primary Data and NetApp Team Up to Deliver Intelligent Data Management to StorageGRID Webscale

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NetApp and Primary Data are working together to close the gap between business and IT, enabling IT to define data management objectives with fine granularity; improve the utilization of storage infrastructure, reduce costs, improve application performance, and automatically load-balance data across enterprise infrastructure to meet SLA requirements.

We are extremely proud that NetApp will be publishing a joint solution, DataSphere Intelligent Data Management and StorageGRID Webscale, that leverages Primary Data’s DataSphere platform to increase the cost savings ability of NetApp’s StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS). Combining the powers of NetApp StorageGRID Webscale and DataSphere delivers many powerful benefits, including these highlights:

  • Seamlessly add StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS) as a storage tier to your infrastructure
  • Move live data back from SGWS without disrupting application access or requiring applications changes to support object storage
  • Reduce costs with automatic data deduplication and compression of data written to SGWS
  • Optimize performance by restoring on-demand only the files needed, without interrupting the data path
  • Free up FAS storage capacity by moving cold data to StorageGRID Webscale

Two DataSphere features are key to enabling these benefits. First, with native support for the S3 protocol, DataSphere automates the archival of cold data off valuable NetApp primary storage systems, such as NetApp FAS systems, without disrupting applications. For example, admins can set objectives that automatically move data that has not been accessed within a given time period (e.g., 30 days) to SGWS.

Second, DataSphere keeps the data visible and accessible within its global dataspace, enabling data to be retrieved granularly (down to the file level) in the event data is accessed again. This turns SGWS into an active archive, allowing companies to archive more data, including data that must remain accessible for compliance.

With Primary Data and NetApp, customers can:

  • Seamlessly and automatically tier data across heterogeneous FAS and StorageGRID object storage
  • Archive cold data to SGWS and view it as an extension to the existing file system in a global namespace to create an active archive
  • Manage data and reduce storage infrastructure costs through user-defined objectives to meet SLAs while reducing the need to overprovision, making sure the right data, is in the right place, at the right time

Want to learn more? If you are attending NetApp Insight, stop by booth 102 or attend the session, "Easily Adopt a StorageGRID Object Tier with Live Data Mobility." You can also connect with us a to schedule a meeting or a demo

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