Primary Data and Scality Create SDS Magic Together

Primary Data and Scality Create SDS Magic Together

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On December 6th at Scality Software Defined Storage Day New York, Primary Data is proud to be teaming up with Scality to showcase how we help customers successfully adopt hybrid cloud strategies for the enterprise. Our joint solution improves performance while lowering the TCO of customers’ entire storage infrastructure, using machine learning data management to identify cold and dark data, and moving it non-disruptively into scalable, cost-effective object storage.

Gartner estimates that as much of 80 percent of enterprise data today is unstructured. While IT knows that storing all this data on primary storage is expensive, identifying and archiving cold data is a challenge. As a result, IT commonly overprovisions primary storage, a strategy that doesn’t scale for performance or cost. This is where Scality and Primary Data change the game. 

To learn more read on, read our joint solution sheet, or visit us live at Scality SDS Day in New York.

Automating Unstructured Data Management with Scality and Primary Data

Primary Data’s intelligent data management platform, DataSphere, automatically and non-disruptively moves data to the most appropriate storage to meet user-defined business objectives.  DataSphere employs machine learning to build intelligence and automation to help enterprises manage data across their hybrid cloud. The DataSphere metadata engine adds awareness between applications and infrastructure, virtualizing data by mounting all storage in a global namespace.  This makes heterogeneous data stores such as Scality RING file and object storage simultaneously available to all applications without requiring any changes to application workloads. 

With Scality and Primary Data, customers can:

  • Optimize the entire storage infrastructure by reducing the need to overprovision resources and taking advantage of object storage.
  • Automate the management of unstructured data with non-disruptive auto-tiering of live data.
  • Break down storage silos with a global namespace, making all data available to any application or user regardless of where the data is located.
  • Purchase a pay-as-you-grow, software-only data management solution. 

Want to learn more about how Scality and Primary Data can automate your data management with machine learning? Stop by Scality SDS Day in New York or connect with us at to schedule a meeting or demo.

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