Streamline NetApp Upgrades and Extend Your Existing Investments

Streamline NetApp Upgrades and Extend Your Existing Investments

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If you’re a NetApp customer, you’ve likely invested in more than one generation of NetApp technology. At NetApp Insight in Berlin, we will be demonstrating how DataSphere can extend the useful life of NetApp 7-Mode systems by enabling clustering on ONTAP 7-Mode systems and allowing I/O load to be distributed across multiple storage volumes to increase overall performance

DataSphere also enables data to be tiered across different types of storage. This means you can add a Clustered Data ONTAP AFF (All Flash FAS) performance tier to boost performance. You also gain the ability to automatically identify and move cold data off 7-Mode filers to more inexpensive storage such as StorageGRID Webscale or the cloud.

Beyond giving new life to your 7-Mode investments, DataSphere also offers many benefits to virtualized environments, including making your 7-Mode filers VMware VVOL capable, while simplifying administration with a universal VASA provider.

Want to learn more about how DataSphere make help you do more with your existing storage investments? Drop by the booth or contact us at to schedule a meeting or a demo.

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