Upgrade and Adopt NetApp Systems Easily

Upgrade and Adopt NetApp Systems Easily

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If you are attending NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas, it is pretty likely that you’ll be learning about the latest features in NetApp's ONTAP portfolio, maybe even in advance of purchasing a new NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP system. It’s always exciting to get new gear, but the process ofplanning and performing the upgradenot so much.

Fret not. DataSphere can move data seamlessly from any NAS to NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP systems, without disrupting applications, putting the fun back in your new storage upgrades, while dramatically reducing the time and cost of getting your new gear up and running. If you are attending the show, stop by booth 102 to view a demo.

The DataSphere Data Assimilation feature announced in the 2.0 release, enables your existing data to be “imported” into DataSphere’s global namespace quickly. DataSphere only needs to assimilate metadata, which includes information about the location of data on storage, and even the metadata assimilation runs as a background process

Planned migration times are reduced to just minutes. Once DataSphere has migrated data off your old hardware, you can decommission it from DataSphere or even have DataSphere continue to use it as lower tier storage, extending its useful life.

Want to learn more about how DataSphere make your next upgrade fast and painless? Or use our new Data Profiler to determine when to move data to maximize both performance and savings? Connect with us at deepdive@primarydata.com

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