What's New in DataSphere 2.2

What's New in DataSphere 2.2

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We’re proud to release DataSphere 2.2, the latest version of our intelligent platform for machine-learning data management. Now available, DataSphere 2.2 features updates and enhancements, built with customer feedback, to help enterprises easily manage petabytes of data across their infrastructure and into the cloud. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Enhanced Capacity Management, Increased Control, and Streamlined Integration

With petabytes of capacity to manage at your average enterprise, keeping watch over it all can quickly get complex. Not anymore with these powerful new features introduced in the 2.2 release:

  • Enhanced capacity management with share-level hard quotas. DataSphere 2.2 makes it easier for admins to manage capacity by replacing the use of soft quotas on shares with hard quotas. Hard quotas actually limit the amount of data that DataSphere can place in a share, as opposed to simply alerting admins when thresholds are reached.
  • Support local users with SMB clients. In prior releases, SMB clients required admin rights to access DataSphere. The 2.2 release supports local user for both NFS and SMB clients. This enables enterprises to grant dev environments access to DataSphere without giving dev admin rights to the DataSphere server.
  • Master objective expressions easily with autocomplete. The Advanced editor for objectives now includes an autocomplete function. This feature makes it simple for users to create objective expressions, while providing a view to available options to help admins quickly gain master expressions.
  • DataSphere administration enhancements. The 2.2 release adds Netgroup support, facilitating networking administration for environments that use Netgroup. Licensing for the DataSphere software can now be done through proxies.

Scale, See and Streamline Data Management

We built DataSphere to simplify data management, and that mission continues to be our focus with DataSphere 2.2. With a host of new features and upgrades from UI improvements to scalability enhancements, this version makes admins’ lives easier through additional visibility and more efficient workflows:

  • Increased scalability. Each DataSphere volume now scales to support over 1,000 shares.
  • UI enhancements improve usability. The 2.2 release includes three key UI enhancements: 1) The Add Volumes workflow is now intuitive and tab-based. 2) When adding volumes, admins can now see when volumes have data and can also monitor the status of data assimilation for a volume (data import progress). 3) The DataSphere UI now includes a “recent errors drawer” that gives admins one place to go to view all errors that would appear in the UI since their last login.
  • Automated cloud and object capacity efficiency. DataSphere now enables enterprises to automatically delete and reclaim cloud and object storage capacity from data that is no longer in use.
  • Streamlined network configuration for new storage systems. DataSphere can automatically determine which network interfaces it can use to communicate with qualified storage systems. Contact your representative for a list of qualified systems.

To learn more about the 2.2 release, and how it can help you simplify and save millions, connect with us at deepdive@primarydata.com.

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