Add Intelligence and Ease to Object Storage with Cloudian and Primary Data

Add Intelligence and Ease to Object Storage with Cloudian and Primary Data

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It’s no surprise that one of the biggest trends reshaping the storage landscape is how the rise of unstructured data is generating explosive data growth. To keep storage environments optimized across hot, warm and cold data, enterprise IT has to accommodate current data growth, while also planning to meet future needs. Identifying data that is hot, warm, and cold is critical to ensuring that the right data is placed in the right storage – especially where data can be safely and efficiently backed-up or archived on low cost object storage. Of course, everyone also wants an intelligent, cost-efficient and scalable solution to unstructured data sprawl.

Compounding the challenges of ensuring the right match between data and object storage is the fact that most applications are architected to expect high-performance NAS primary storage and not necessarily native S3 or tier-2 NFS. An ideal solution should be simple and enable data to be stored regardless of the application interface or its location. 

Optimize Storage Economics and Data Management with Machine Learning

Cloudian and Primary Data have teamed up to deliver a solution that overcomes all of these challenges by combining Primary Data’s DataSphere for automated data management with Cloudian’s storage platform, HyperStore and HyperFile.  HyperStore provides native S3 object storage with unmatched data durability, and flexibly scales capacity as needed to support multi-location petabyte-scale data growth. Cloudian HyperFile is a scale-out NAS controller that leverages HyperStore storage and delivers enterprise file services, including support for CIFS/SMB and NFS. 

DataSphere software seamlessly integrates primary and object storage, automatically and transparently moving data between each tier according to IT-defined policies, without the need to reconfigure or refactor applications to consume object data.

With Cloudian and Primary Data, customers can:

  • Optimize storage economics by improving utilization and performance, reducing the need to overprovision.
  • Provide cost-efficient object storage for capacity-intensive application data.
  • Eliminate application downtime by virtualizing data into a global namespace that enables apps to consume NAS and S3 without reconfiguration or refactoring.
  • Reduce IT workload with machine learning that monitors application performance and manages the placement of the right data, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Easily grow with your needs, adding capacity and scale only as needed.
  • Pay-as-you-grow with DataSphere’s software subscription, licensed per instance; Cloudian subscriptions start at as low as ½¢ per GB/month.
  • Manage data according to business needs, instead of storage concepts.

Want to learn more about how Cloudian and Primary Data can automate your data management across primary and object storage with machine learning? Read the solution brief or connect with us at to schedule a meeting or demo.

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