DataSphere for Lines of Business

DataSphere for Lines of Business delivers the same reliability and vendor support as DataSphere for the Enterprise, except sized for the needs typically found in departmental lines of business or remote offices that don’t operate at the same scale as a traditional IT organization.

DataSphere’s powerful and simple dashboard interface makes it easy to manage resources from any storage vendor, including cloud and object storage targets. The architecture is storage- and vendor-agnostic, pooling heterogeneous storage types into a global namespace and automatically places data on the most appropriate storage resource.

DataSphere for Lines of Business integrates up to four NFS-compliant nodes with any cloud or object storage target, collecting your storage silos into a single namespace so that you can seamlessly take advantage of both on-premises and cloud storage.

  • Data Migration without Application impact
  • Accelerate Performance with Existing Storage
  • Seamless Cloud Integration
  • vSphere Integration with VASA
  • Flexible Storage Reporting

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Figure 1 - Note: DSX is the data mover working on behalf of the DataSphere metadata engine.

Now, Lines of Business can take advantage of Primary Data’s DataSphere technology at a smaller scale, reducing the need to over-provision while optimizing their infrastructure investments.


Easily Adopt a Low Cost, Limitless Storage Cloud Tier

Over the last few years, the broad adoption of cloud technology has dramatically disrupted the way that enterprises store their data. The vast potential to scale resources on-demand increases operational agility, changing how enterprises tier their storage.

DataSphere helps enterprises reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for managing and storing data by providing the ability to define and account for data movement based on price-to- performance targets. With DataSphere, you can pair local NFS storage for hot data, with cloud or on-premises object storage as a low-cost, lower performance, highly reliable storage resource to store cold data, manage snapshots, ensure data governance.

For customers looking to fully embrace a pay-as-you-go, on-demand consumption model, this approach can be financed through leasing options available from many storage vendors and connected to a cloud capacity storage tier.

  • Seamlessly add single or multiple cloud storage tiers
  • Move data to the cloud and back without disrupting application access
  • Save costs with automatic data deduplication and compression
  • Free existing storage capacity by moving cold data to the cloud

Transform Data Migration From an IT Headache to a Business Opportunity

Storage migrations typically take months, consuming a large portion of IT’s budget and resources. Migration plans require multiple steps to minimize disruption or downtime, often restricting access to data by halting applications, manually copying data to the new storage and reconfiguring, and then restarting applications while hoping that everything went according to plan.

DataSphere allows IT to ease or eliminate the common issues associated with data migrations. Once DataSphere is in place, organizations are no longer faced with the headache of planning and performing multiple steps to minimize disruption or downtime when migrating storage systems.

Admins can select the specific storage capabilities required to meet business needs. These objectives can be applied to single files, directories, or shares to provide unprecedented control. DataSphere analyzes if objectives are being met and will automatically redistribute data between different storage devices to meet performance, cost or reliability requirements.

Instead of a source of stress, Data migrations can be an opportunity for IT to add value by optimizing the infrastructure to meet changing data demands.

  • Non-disruptively change, add, upgrade or tier the storage serving your data
  • No application impact while migrating data between storage systems
  • Gain flexibility and save budget by leasing storage


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NOTE: DataSphere for Lines of Business deployments are limited to a maximum of 4 storage nodes. For larger environments, please see DataSphere for the Enterprise.

Calculate Your Savings Use the Primary Data TCO Calculator on our web site to see how much DataSphere might save you.

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