Dynamic data orchestration across existing storage platforms with virtually limitless scalability

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The Paradox of Choice

From flash to the cloud, enterprises managing petabytes of data have many storage resources to choose from today, yet complexity and costs continue to increase. New storage technologies such as NVMe flash and cloud promise to help, but integrating them into existing environments increases complexity. In addition, storage systems on the market today do not address the need to move data across different storage types to meet data requirements for performance, cost, and availability.

Bottlenecks still hinder performance, migration headaches leave cold data on premium storage tiers, overprovisioning creates significant costs, and vendor lock-in limits agility.


DataSphere overcomes the limitations of traditional compute and storage architectures. As a metadata engine, DataSphere enables data orchestration across on-premise storage and the cloud in a single namespace. By separating the control path from the data path, DataSphere pools storage and places data on the correct tier of storage using either automated objectives or user-directed placement. Intelligent objectives move data to the most appropriate storage to meet data requirements.


DataSphere integrates easily with the cloud by adding it as as another storage tier in its global namespace. DataSphere can seamlessly move data between on-premise storage and the cloud, while keeping it accessible if it is needed, making the cloud an active archive. This enables significant storage savings by moving more data to the cloud without changes to applications.


Automated data orchestration ensures that data is on the right tier. Hot data is placed on performance storage, while cold data is automatically moved to lower cost tiers. DataSphere’s global namespace enables you to pool available performance and capacity, and helps you easily add more of the right resource as needed.

DataSphere also overcomes the risk of running out of space, which further reduces the need to overprovision. With physical storage pooled into a global namespace, DataSphere dynamically places data on available storage volumes. This enables users to run storage volumes at higher utilization rates and lowers the risk of running out of capacity or performance. Reducing the need to overprovision significantly cuts costs to deliver savings that can easily run into the millions for enterprises managing petabytes of data.

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Figure 1 – DataSphere’s unique out-of-band architecture ensures optimal performance without any application impact

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  • Simplify, supercharge, and scale out your NAS system
  • Automate data lifecycle management
  • Implement VMDK-granular, storage-aware policies on any type of storage
  • Ensure the highest performance for applications
  • Automatically move cold data to the cloud for active archival
  • Cut costs by eliminating storage overprovisioning
  • Scale without disrupting applications
  • Refresh storage without disrupting applications
  • Gain independence from vendor lock-in

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