Dynamic data mobility across existing storage platforms with virtually limitless scalability.

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“Manage data rather than storage silos.” Lance Smith, CEO

Transform Storage Silos into Globally Accessible Resources

Today’s enterprises have plenty of storage diversity. From flash in servers, to shared SANs and NAS, to the cloud, different storage types offer a wide range of benefits across performance, protection, and price. However, until now, each storage type has been a separate silo where data stayed stagnant from creation until archival. In the era of exploding data demands, enterprises need a more dynamic solution to stay ahead of storage sprawl while maximizing the efficiency of their existing storage resources.

Using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere virtualizes different storage tiers across a global dataspace. A powerful policy engine allows data to be placed on the storage that best meets its evolving needs without any application disruption. IT stays a step ahead of potential storage issues by managing data through automated Service Level Objectives that alert admins to possible data noncompliance before it becomes a problem. In addition, the infinitely scalable, storage-agnostic DataSphere architecture allows additional performance and capacity to be purchased as needed from any vendor. New resources can be added easily to the global dataspace, giving IT unprecedented choice and control over their storage infrastructure.

DataSphere delivers numerous benefits to create new possibilities, including:

  • Granular visibility into data requirements, workload patterns, and resource consumption
  • Policy-based pairing of data to storage capabilities for performance optimization and cost reduction
  • Simplified management of a unified storage pool spanning diverse vendors, protocols, and locations
  • 100% software solution across customers’ choice of storage
  • Easy to use, Service Level Agreement-driven method for managing evolving data demands

DataSphere provides ideal solutions for numerous IT challenges, including:

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