DataSphere Extended Services

DSX is the data workhorse for DataSphere. DSX performs data mobility, connects to cloud storage and provides access for legacy clients. Installed on physical or virtual machines, DSX services are deployed on a scale-out architecture and support several key functions to extend data orchestration across the storage infrastructure and the cloud. These capabilities include:

Data Mover

When DataSphere analytics determine what data needs to move to meet IT’s or a business administrator’s objectives, the Data Mover function of DSX carries out the work. Data, while inflight between storage can actively be accessed (reading or writing), without disrupting applications.

Data Portal

The DSX Data Portal assures that legacy protocols such as NFS v3 or SMB 2.1/3.x can easily access data in the DataSphere global namespace. DSX can also be federated to load balance demands from multiple clients and to ensure availability encase a DSX comes offline.

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Cloud Connector

Connection to S3 compatible cloud-based storage is managed from one or more DSXs simultaneously. With the Cloud Connector, data is still visible in the DataSphere namespace and can be accessed by clients. The Cloud Connector also supports multiple cloud end-points, facilitating cloud-to-cloud mobility. The Cloud Connector uses data reduction techniques such as content-based, variable block size deduplication and compression. Both proxy and HTTPS secured connections can be made to cloud end-points.

Data Store

DSX Data Store services extend the use of block-based storage into DataSphere’s global namespace. The block storage can be anything from HDDs, SSDs to NVMe , enabling enterprises to easily integrate and maximize the value of existing and new storage resources.

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